Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Soccer Game of Spring, 2011

Cameron had her last soccer game a couple of weeks ago.  The Rowdy Angels ended the season with a big win!!!  I was so impressed to watch the girls improve over the past couple of months.  Being the competitive person I am, I was nervous when Cameron said she wanted to play soccer because neither John or I ever played the sport.  However, Cameron shocked us all and turned out to be a great soccer player...she scored several goals a game, played awesome defense, and really showed a competitive side that I have never seen in her.  Needless to say, John and I were really proud of her first soccer season.  She can't wait to play again in the fall.

This was one of Jaylee's favorite spots during the games...front row lounging in the stroller.

My sis and her daughter made it to the last game...Caris was getting pointers for when she is old enough to play.

Cameron and me taking a quick pic before the game starts!
 The next few pics are Cameron in action...what a little hustler. :)

 Cameron running over to Coach Rowdy after she scored a goal.

Cameron getting ready to score again as she outruns the other team.

The Rowdy Angels and their coach...Rowdy.  

Quick family pic minus Jaylee...no telling where she was.  :)

Mother's Day 2011

So, I am really behind on blogging, but I'm hoping to get caught up this week.  I am going to start with Mother's Day.  This year we didn't celebrate in any HUGE way, but I was able to spend the entire weekend with the people who mean the most to me....John, Cameron, and Jaylee.  I never truly appreciated Mother's Day as much as I do now that I am a mother to 2 of the most amazing daughters.  Both Cameron and Jaylee bring me so much happiness and completeness to my life.  I am truly blessed to be called a mother by these 2 precious girls.