Monday, October 31, 2011

"Trunk-or-Treat" @ FBC

Our church hosts an annual "Trunk-or Treat" each year at Halloween. This is a great, safe way for all the children in Henrietta and the surrounding areas to trick-or-treat.  People from the church bring their cars and park in a semi-circle.  They fill the car trunks with candy and other goodies.  The children walk from car to car collecting the candy and other treats.  Cameron and Jaylee had a great time this year and saw several of their friends!!!  We look foward to next year!

Officer Jaylee enjoying a hot dog before the festivities begin.

Jaylee, Cameron, Kaidence, and Jaidyn

A few of Cameron's friends...

Grandaddy and Gigi with the 2 "police officers"

Cameron and Ryanne

Ellie and Cameron

Jaylee "digging" in for the good stuff...CANDY!

Cameron, Atlee, & Ellie

Atlee, Cameron, Cannon, & Ellie

Jaylee LOVES her Grandaddy!

Red Ribbon Week

Cameron participated in Red Ribbon Week this past week at school.  This is a week where the children dress according to a particular theme each day of the week.  The kids learn all the dangers of drugs/alcohol and realize the importance of "Just Say No!"  Cameron really enjoyed this week of dress-up fun!

Monday- "Red" day

Tuesday- "Peace" day

Wednesday- "Rock Star" day, plus she was taking this lil puppy for "show-and-tell"

Thursday- "Team" day

Friday- "Career" day

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Bash...

This past Friday, my friend, (Amy), hosted a Halloween Party for both adults and children...and I mean it was a party.  We had enough food to feed an army and decorations everywhere!!!   There were kids EVERYWHERE dressed up in their cute costumes.  The adults also came dressed-up except for a few who decided not to join in on the "dressing-up" fun...yes, my husband was one of the people who did NOT dress-up!  As you saw in my previous post, Cameron and Jaylee are police officers this year.  I was kind of skeptical at first about Cameorn's costume choice, but now I think they are both ADORABLE!!!  This was definitely a night to remember for both the kids and adults.  Great memories made with great friends!!!

The kids are going on a "real" hayride and LOVING it! Look at those priceless smiles. 

Jaylee laughing at something...who knows???

Spiderman...aka Cooper!!!  

Cameron and Kylee 

Dorothy...aka Berkley (she's missing her dog)

Three "hot" ladies...hahahah!  BTW, nice smile Amy!

Jaylee LOVED wearing this mask and scaring people!

Another group pic of the WILD kids minus Pate. 

Pate and his momma...

Jaylee being silly...

Officially done and ready to go home.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sneak Peek...

Just a sneak peek at the girls in their Halloween was all Cameron's idea!  I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert- Cowboy Stadium

This past Saturday, October 8th, I surprised Cameron with tickets to the Taylor Swift concert at Cowboy Stadium. My friend, Beth, was able to get me 2 tickets. Cameron's BFF, Ellie and her mom were able to join us at the concert. Our seats were not together, but we ended up getting to sit together because there were 2 open seats next to Randi and Ellie's seats. We started out the journey with a nice dinner at Olive Garden to fill our bellies so we wouldn't spend a fortune at the concert on food. Then we made our way over to the stadium...we actually parked about 1/2 mile from the stadium in a hotel parking lot...boy, were our feet sore by the end of the night from all the walking!!! However, the girls never complained one time about having to walk so much...think they are growing up. At the concert, the girls each got a flashing Taylor Swift flashlight and a t-shirt, (which is 2 sizes to big, but was the smallest size left) can't go to a concert without getting a t-shirt...Lol! Taylor put on an AWESOME show!!! The music, costumes, dancing, lights, fireworks, (yes, fireworks) and all the other elements made it one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen. Plus, she seemed truly humbled by all of her fans who came out to support her/listen to her music. This was truly a night Cameron and I will always remember!!!

Cameron and Ellie walking to the excited!!!

Cameron was getting "put-out" with me for making her take so many pictures...Lol!

 Let the fun begin...

The girls singing along with Taylor Swift...having the time of their lives!

 Taylor did a song in a Dallas Cowboys football jersey...

2 of Taylor Swift's biggest fans...Ellie and Cameron

Bearcat Spirit!!!

This year, Cameron has really gotten into the Bearcat Spirit!  She LOVES the cheerleaders and the Bearcat mascot.  She also enjoys the football games and loves to try and cheer along with the cheerleaders.  One of my friend's daughter is a high school cheerleader this year, so Cameron was able to get some actual Henrietta cheerleader uniforms.  Of course, the uniforms were gigantic, but we had them altered and now they fit perfectly.  She looks so adorable in her uniforms and has the actual high school pom-poms to top everything off. Every Friday, there is a pep rally in the gym and we always attend.  This year, we have made all of the home football games and have cheered proudly for the Bearcats.  Thanks again Kambridge for letting us have some uniforms, pom-poms, and spending time with Cameron.  :-)

Ready for the pep rally to start.

Kambridge and Cameron...

At the pep rally...

Cameron and Ellie with Kambridge at the football game!