Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cameron's Preschool Graduation

Cameron had her preschool graduation this past Thursday.  She has attended the Little Learning Ranch the past two years and LOVED every minute of her time there.  It's amazing how much she changed from a toddler into a little "girl."  Mrs. Trish and Mrs. Kelisha are the greatest teachers and Cameron will miss each of them so much next year.  Cameron made so many memories while attending the Little Learning Ranch and developed several friendships I am sure will last for a long time.  :)  I am sad to know that she will not be attending LLR in the fall, but Jaylee will soon take her place.  Cameron...mommy and daddy are so proud of all that you accomplished while attending the LLR.  You are a very bright little girl who will achieve many great tasks in the years to come because of all the things you learned the past 2 years.  We love you!

 Here are the graduates minus out HES!!!

 Of course Jaylee had to pose in front of the tree and do her big grin for everyone!
 Cameron receiving her diploma and handprint. Cameron received the "reading" award.  This girl LOVES to read...she literally can pick up a book and do pretty well reading.  I guess she gets her love from reading from me! :)

 I love this sweet and innocent.

Cameron and Mrs Trish

Cameron and her semi-boyfriend Cooper.  He brought her flowers and a card.  Cameron was so excited because he picked the flowers himself and made the card especially for her.  Cooper and his lil brother just moved back to Henrietta from Oregon...we are so EXCITED to have the back for good!

 Cameron and Atlee...such sweet girls, at least for now.  :)

Jaylee and Cooper waiting patiently for their hot dogs and strawberries! I think Jaylee has a secret "crush" on Cooper by the smile she has on her face.

Little Learning Ranch students and teachers (2010-2011)

I wanted a pic of Cameron and me...this was the best I could get. 

After graduation, there was a little party for the included pony rides!

Jaylee riding her pony...what a natural!  LOL

I had to put this picture in.  We got home from the party around 9pm.  I gave the girls a quick bath, turned on the TV for Cameron and went to put Jaylee to bed.  When I came back to put Cameron to bed, this is how I found her.  I know she had to be EXHAUSTED to fall asleep with the TV on...she NEVER will fall asleep if the TV is on.  So, needless to say, she slept with John and I. :)