Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Another Dental Visit...

This past Saturday the girls and I went to stay with my sister and her family in Glen Rose.  Cameron and Jaylee had their dental appointments this morning at my sister's office, so we just made a weekend out of the visit.  When we arrived Saturday afternoon, we unloaded car, then went straight to Babe's for dinner.  Boy, was it delicious...the girls LOVE eating at Babe's and it's such a fun atmosphere.  Sunday, we went to church with my sister then we just hung out and relaxed the rest of the afternoon/evening.  This morning we got up and headed to the dental appointments.  Overall, both girls did great.  Jaylee was a little apprehensive at first, but decided to let Aunt Julie examine her teeth.  They were so excited to get their free toothbrushes and Sponge Bob toothpaste.  We can't wait to go back..thank you Aunt Julie, Uncle Steven and Caris for letting us stay and add a little craziness to y'alls life!  The girls LOVED playing with their cousin and already miss her.

The girls drinking some water while waiting on our table at Babe's

Ready for church...Caris doesn't know what to think of these CRAZY girls!

My little happy giving me a big smile!!! 

Cameron looks so "grown-up" in this precious.

 Jaylee waiting patiently for her turn to see Aunt Julie. :-)

Cameron was so BRAVE during her dental exam. 

All done...she was so BRAVE!

Thank you Aunt Julie for letting us visit you...we LOVE you!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spontaneous Saturday...

This past Saturday, we decided to make a trip to the Plano area to have a relaxing, family day.  The girls love getting out and doing something out of the ordinary, so we surprised them with a road trip.  We ventured to Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, ate lunch at Jason's Deli, went swimming at John's sister's place, ate dinner at Taco Diner (yummy), and finished off the night with Cold Stone ice cream.  The girls LOVED everything and were perfect angels for most of the trip.  It was nice to spend quality time with each other and not have anything scheduled that we HAD to do.  We simply just did whatever...ahhhhhhhhhh.  Managed to take a few pics of the day, even though it was so HOT again!!!  I can't believe I am saying this since I LOVE summer, but I am looking foward to the fall temperatures.

My girls and me...can't believe they were both smiling at the same time. :)

John and the girls

Jaylee found an OLD music box with a spinning ballerina when you opened it up...she LOVED it and played with it forever!

Loving some ice cream on a HOT day.  Jaylee chose blue cotton candy, (which was all over her white shorts when she finished) and Cameron chose chocolate. I LOVE these precious smiles!

Notice Jaylee is FINALLY beginning to grow a little hair...maybe by the time she is 5, she will be able to wear a little pigtail.  :-)

Cameron and Jaylee loving on Giselle, Jeri's dog!

Quick family pic...not the greatest, but at least we're all together!!!

Cam's buddy for the day...Giselle!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh, the HOT days of Summer...

WOW...what a HOT summer we have had here in Henrietta.  About the only thing you can do comfortably outside is swim.  So, naturally, we have done plenty of swimming...nearly every day we are swimming at John's parents, Castaway Cove, or the splash park in Iowa Park.  Both girls LOVE the water and would swim everyday if possible.  BTW, somehow I have managed to prevent either girl from getting sunburned this summer.  I think it's my obsessive reapplying of lotion I tend to do, (about every 30-45 mins). Cameron has officially learned to swim...she is jumping off diving boards, going down slides, and swimming in the deep end without a life jacket, (of course there's always adult supervision).  Jaylee continues to get better at holding herself up in water, but still prefers to be where she can stand...she hates the bulkiness of life jackets/floaties.

Jaylee being brave and jumping to her cousin, Alex.

John and his girls...

Timber Rattlers End-Of-Season Party

Cameron's tball team finished the season with a swim party and cookout.  It was a perfect, sunny, and lots of food.  The kids had a blast swimming, enjoyed eating hot dogs, chips, and cupcakes, and LOVED receiving their trophies.  Cameron enjoyed playing tball with her friends and can't wait til next year!

This was the team cupcake cute of all the kids!

The kids patiently waiting to receive their trophies.

Cameron receiving her trophy.

We Love VBS...

A couple of weeks ago our church hosted VBS. Growing up, I always attended VBS every summer.  It was an important part of my life and I want it to be important to both of my girls.  This year's theme was New York City...the big Apple.  Cameron and Jaylee enjoyed every minute of VBS and can't wait til next year.

LOVE this pic of the shows each of their personalities!

Family night...yes, Jaylee had to be on stage singing with the big kids. 

Camping with the Jones'...literally

The weekend of July 4 we decided to go to the cabin with the Jones' Family.  Randi and Brad have a log cabin somewhere in Oklahoma about 4 hours from Henrietta.  Actually, it's about 3 hours to the town (Antler...I think is the name of the nearest town???), then about 45 minutes on a gravel/rock road up a steep mountain to the actual cabin.  I was shocked to see the mountains in Oklahoma...who knew???  The cabin was so nice, the AC was the best, and there was plenty of room for all 8 of us.  While there, we cooked out, went on hikes, rode the ranger through the woods, went swimming in a lake, ( I actually sat and watched most of the swimming because those who know me know I HATE swimming in many strange things always manage to touch me in the water), and did fireworks!  All 4 girls got along great and so did us adults...hahaha.  We had a great time and look foward to making another trip!