Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend with the Colwick's

This weekend we loaded up the car and headed to visit Uncle Steven, Aunt Julie, and their precious daughter Caris.  Even though we only stayed one night, we had a blast!  This was the first time we have visited since they finished their new house and there was plenty of room for everyone! Needless to say, the girls were not ready to come home.  We had 2 reasons for visiting this weekend: 1st- Julie's birthday is Jan. 29 and Steven's is Jan. 30. 2nd (and most important I think)- Caris was being dedicated at their church.  Besides us crazy 4, my parents and Steven's parents and brother were in for the celebrations. I have posted a lot of pics from the weekend to help capture and treasure the fun time we had.

The girls are warming up to each other...hopefully, they will grow to be not only cousins, but GREAT friends!

Little girls had to have a "pre-dinner" before we all headed to Babe's to eat some delicious food!

We arrived at the all-famous Babe's in Granbury to have a birthday dinner honoring Steven and Julie.  The atmosphere is so fun and entertaining for all age groups.  Plus, it's loud inside, so if one of the babies threw a fit (of course mine would never do that...hahaha!)no one would even notice. The girls loved these chairs outside and sat in them while waiting to go inside to our table.

Cameron was in "awe" of this rooster and wanted to sit on him.  I tried to get Jaylee to sit with Cameron on the rooster, but she wouldn't have any part of it. :)

My dad (a.k.a. Granddaddy) with the oldest grandaughter.  She absolutely ADORES him!

If you know Jaylee or have seen pics of her, then you will recognize the famous "Jaylee goofy smile." Everytime you point a camera towards her, she will do this goofy, huge cute!

My wonderful sister (birthday girl) and sweet Caris.

My parents (Granddaddy and Gigi) with the 3 grandaughters...we need some boys!!! (Hint, hint Julie and Steven. )

On Sunday, we woke up to get ready to attend Caris' baby dedication at church.  It had to be the sweetest baby dedication I have attended...and I am not being partial.  My sister sang the prettiest song to Caris (forgot the name, but would make any mom tear up).  After she was singing and the music was still playing, Steven finished up with a prayer/poem that would make any dad tear-up. Before we headed out to church, I snapped a couple of pics of the girls outside the house...the weather was so nice!

After church, we all went back to the house for BBQ.  Besides the family, some of Julie and Steven's friends joined us for lunch.  Cameron had a great time playing wih some of the older kids.  At one point, the kids were running wild out back shouting "We saw a bear! We saw bear tracks!" Think they still have the movie "Yogi Bear" on their minds. When it was time to eat, we made the bigger kids eat outside and us adults ate in the house.  It was a great meal with great family and friends.

I know John and Steven must feel really outnumbered with all of us girls.  Thanks again Steven and Julie for opening your house to us.  We enjoyed spending time with all of you and getting to cuddle Caris.  We miss you all so much and can't wait to see you again!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Big 5 year check-up!

Cameron had her 5 year-old check-up with Dr. Yap yesterday.  She was so excited to see him and get the suckers.  I knew all along this was not going to be a fun appointment because I knew she was going to get 3 shots.  Several of my friends had warned me how horrible the shots were and to beware.  So, I started preparing Cameron several days before her actual appointment about the shots.  At first, it didn't seem to bother her.  She just knew she had to get the shots in order to start kindergarten in the fall.  However, the night before her big appointment, she started to cry and tell me how she DIDN'T want to go see Dr. Yap.  I told her that we had to go so she could start KG, but that didn't phase her. I even used the "you can pick out any toy at Toys-R-Us" if you are a big girl and let the nurse give you your shots.  Well, the big day arrived and we went to see Dr. Yap.  He did his routine check-up with and said everything looked great.  Then, the dreaded moment arrived...the nurse came back in the room with 3 syringes.  She wanted to know if Cameron wanted the shots in her arms or legs...Cameron just looked at me with this "help me mommy, I'm scared" look.  We decided to do the arms.  Throughout all 3 shots, Cameron just kept her head buried in my chest and was so brave!  I was so proud of her and realized how much she has grown-up over the past 5 years.  Needless to say, that night we made a trip to Toys-R-Us for the promised "toy" (which she picked out Toy Story 3 movie) and then ate dinner at Applebee's, (she wanted Applebee's so she could eat ribs).

You can tell by the look on her face above, that she is trying to be so brave and not cry! What a sweet girl...
 All done with the shots and she survived!

 Eating her favorite food...ribs on the bone.  This girl loves her some ribs!

 Jaylee eating her favorite...mac-n-cheese!

This is what Cameron picked out at Toys-r-Us for being so brave during her shots....Toy Story 3!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"YouTube" Junkies!

 I officially think my two daughters are "You Tube" junkies.  They will sit in front of the computer for hours (if I let them) and watch endless videos from disney princess to Mickey Mouse in spanish.  I don't know what it is that keeps them captivated for so long.  I can barely get them to watch 15-20 minutes of any cartoon just so I can take a shower.  Anyways, I took a cou ple of pics to show you how much they enjoy this new past time of theirs.  And yes, at one point, Cameron was being a sweet big sister and let Jaylee sit in her lap to watch a video...I guess there is hope. :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cameron's 5th Birthday!

Well, since I am only beginning to leararn how to blog, I figured I would back track a little and post some celebrations that have happened in the past few months.  December 1 was Cameron's 5th birthday.  It seems hard to believe that our baby girl is now 5! I don't know if her 1st birthday or her 5th birthday was harder on me.  The past 5 years have flown by and she is growing up to be the sweetest girl.  God has truely blessed John and me with a precious little girl. 

So, this year, Cameron decided she wanted to have her part at the Fun House.  We had lots of fun playing and of course eating yummy cake.  Cameron tons of friends show up for the party...I guess I have never realized how many friends she has.  I am going to post a lot of pics, so I hope you get a feel of what her birthday party was like.  The first few pictures are at home with just familyThen will be the pictures from the party.  Finally, we ended the day at the "BIG" Christmas parade in downtown Henrietta.  It was cold at the parade, but we bundled up in our winter coats and braved the cold to see all the lights and most important...Santa Claus himself!

 Family pic minus Jaylee...she was already in bed

 Cameron trying out her new scooter from Grandad and Gigi

 Cameron modeling one one of her many outfits from Memaw and Papaw

Let the party begin!

Sisters using great "teamwork" to get down the slide

What a great group of kids...and so well-mannered!

Cake time!  Cameron wanted a chocolate cake with a stuffed teddy bear on top...wouldn't have been my 1st choice, but it was her party!

Jaylee getting in the action of "cake eating!"

Present time...she got so many wonderful gifts!

Cameron and her proud daddy!

Cameron, we love you so much and are very proud of the precious girl you are growing up to be!

Big BFF's (Cameron and Ellie) and Lil BFF's (Jaylee and Emma)

Cameron and Ryanne are eagerly waiting for the big Christmas parade to begin!

Kaidence showed up at the parade as well.

Kaidence, Cameron and Ryanne enjoying all the action while Jaylee and Jaiden hang-out on the curb.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Second attempt

Ok, I am attempting to learn the blogging thing everyone is doing.  I started about a month ago, but couldn't figure anything out.  So, I thought I would give it another try.  Christmas was wonderful this year, but it just went by so fast.  Below are just a few pics over the Christmas holidays.  I am just glad I figured out how to post pics.  Maybe I'm starting to get this blogging thing down.  :)

Family pic of just the 4 of us.

Papaw and Memaw with the grandkids...what a crew.

Jaylee patiently waiting to open a gift.

Jaylee giving us one of her famous "cheesy" smile

Memaw & Papaw got Cameron the "pink" Leapster Explorer...great gift!
Cameron showing us where she sprinkled reindeer food in the grass so Santa would find our house

One of the things Santa brought the girls was this princess tent with a tunnel. This makes the 3rd inside tent...but it was the only thing Cameron asked for from Santa.

Daddy and Jaylee enjoying some bonding time.

Grandaddy with Cameron and Jaylee