Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pep Rally Friday!

I just love this time of year...fall weather and football, (high school and college).  Every Friday, Henrietta has a pep rally in the high school gym.  Cameron LOVES going and watching the cheerleaders.  One of my friends has a daughter who is a cheerleader and Cameron enjoys watching her and trying to do all the moves.  Here are just a few pics of Cameron and her friends at the first pep rally.  I will post more once Cameron's cheerleader uniforms are finished with alterations.  Go Bearcats!

Kylee, Ellie, Cameron, & Kaidence

Kambridge (cheerleader) was sweet and took a few pics.  We LOVE you Kambridge!

Kambridge and Cameron...Cameron was being a little shy because she was with a "real" cheerleader!  Lol :-)

Family Time in Dallas

My birthday was August 19, so John decided it would be fun for all 4 of us to go to Frisco, stay at the Embassy Suites, do a little swimming, and my favorite...SHOPPING!!! So, the Saturday after my birthday, we loaded up and headed that way.  When we arrived, the girls were so excited and the first thing they wanted to do was swim.  There was a massive indoor pool, (which was literally freezing cold) and a hot tub, (which was sizzling hot)!  Cameron and Jaylee went back and forth between the pool and hot tub...John stayed in the pool and I just soaked my feet in the hot tub.  After some swimming, we changed clothes and headed to the mall.  Once we arrived at the mall, the girls rode the carousel and then enjoyed some cookies.  After that, John turned me loose to do some shopping in "peace", while he took Cameron and Jaylee to the Disney store.  Around dinner time, I still wasn't finished shopping, so John then managed to take both girls to Gatti Land (which is like a Chuck-E-Cheese, but 10 times bigger), while I finished up.  Around 9 pm, John and the girls picked me up at the mall and we then went back to the hotel to do a little more swimming.  We finally got into bed around 11 pm and both girls were asleep in no time.  I had a wonderful birthday and most of all, I got to spend it with the 3 people I love most!!!

Girls are ready to hit the pool!

John and his two girls.

This was as far as I made it in the :-)

Our "precious" Jaylee...she was so excited!

Cameron and her "BIG" grin!


Pizza Time!

Cameron is playing soccer again this fall.  She is on the same team from the spring, plus two additional girls.  They started practice about 3 weeks ago.  We have practice on Friday evenings so the game will be fresh on the girls' brains the next :-) After our first practice, Randi and I decided to take the girls to Roma's for some pizza.  The girls had a great time and ate lots of pizza.  Guess all the running Coach Rowdy makes them do made them HUNGRY!  They were a great group of girls to take out to dinner and really enjoyed visiting with each other. 

Cameron starts KG!!!!!

Well, the big day finally arrived...Cameron started KG!  She has been asking me for over a year, "how many more days til I start KG?" and the time finally came.  She was so EXCITED to start school.  She attended the Little Learning Ranch the past 2 years and was ready to go to the "BIG" school.  The night before the first day of school she did the following to prepare: 1. picked out her outfit with a matching bow and shoes, 2. had me paint her finger nails and toe nails,  3. set her alarm so she would be sure not to oversleep...we did that A LOT last year :-) 4. make sure her backpack was set out so she would not forget it, 5. was in bed and asleep by 8:30 (which I think this was the earliest she had been to bed in about 6 months). 

Needless to say, the first day of school was a success.  John and I walked her into her classroom.  She went straight to her desk and began to color in her own coloring book.  She did not shed a tear, although I felt a 'lil teary eyed.  She was so big and seemed all "grown-up" being at school.  Throughout the day, I walked by the classroom to check on her.  Everytime I saw her, she was smiling and having a great time.  According to Cameron, the first day of KG was "a blast" and she didn't want to go home at the end of the day.  As a parent, I couldn't ask for anything else.

Loved this pic because our dog, Monster, decided to make an appearance and pose.

In the car on the way to school...look at that happy smile.

This is Cameron outside her clasroom...I am enjoying these moments where she lets me take her pics because I know they won't last long. :-)

Cameron and Mrs. Susan, her KG teacher

Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet the Teacher

Ok, first of all, I am REALLY behind on my family blog.  With school starting and trying to get everyone back in the routine of things, I have not had any spare time to sit down and update.  So, I am going to start with "Meet the Teacher", which was held Thursday, August 18.  This year Cameron started KG, which was a big "bitter-sweet" moment for me.  I can't believe she is old enough to be in KG...seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital.  On the flip side, she gets to go to school with me every morning and I can check on her at any point during the day.  This is the main reason I picked the school system to serve as a speech pathologist.  I want to be able to attend all of my girls' school activities and working in the school allows me this great opportunity.

So, Cameron's KG teacher is Mrs. Susan.  We were really excited when we found out Mrs. Susan was going to be Cameron's teacher.  For one, she is a GREAT teacher and will be wonderful for Cameron.  Also, Mrs. Susan was my KG teacher, so we think that is pretty special.  Cameron really enjoyed meeting Mrs. Susan, dropping off her school supplies, meeting some of her friends in her class, and finding where her desk is at in the classroom. 

Cameron and Jaylee on their way to meet the teacher...such happy girls!

Cameron is ready to go meet her teacher.

Jaylee is almost as excited as her big sister...

Cameron and Kaidence

Cameron putting all of her school supplies at her desk.

Kylee, Kaidence, and Cameron

Cameron with the school dog, Barley.